Saturday, March 25, 2017

Nets cards traded for in February- I forgot one!

I had set the Chrome cards aside because they scan better when they are scanned as a unit of all Chrome/Finest style, just like mirror foils do. When I was composing my last post I missed it because it was not with the others.

So here it is now, from 2005-06 Topps Chrome, Jeff McInnis...
This card also came to me from a trade on the Trading Card Database. He wore #0, which is something I really enjoy for some reason.

OK, NOW that's all of the new Nets cards for the month of February! I have not gotten any in March yet at all...

Friday, March 17, 2017

Nets cards traded for in February

I've been really busy with my NASCAR project (see Cardboard History) so I have not done much scanning. I did manage to make a couple of large trades in February and I finally got a chance to scan them. I only got two Nets cards in both trades.

The Kerry Kittles is a subset from 1997-98 Ultra, and the Williams is his base card from 1998-99 Skybox. That's all I took in Nets wise, and though it's not much, it's still two more that I didn't have before.

I have not traded for any in the month of March yet.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Goodbye, Hello

The Nets made two trades before today's Trade Deadline, sending out Bojan Bogdanovic and Chris McCullough and bringing back Andrew Nicholson, Marcus Thornton and K.J. McDaniels. Thornton has already been waived and will not appear as a Net in any games.

I'm a little disappointed to see the two Nets leave, as I'm always usually disappointed when a Net gets traded away.

Bogdanovic has appeared in 212 games for over three seasons for the Nets and already ranked 8th all time in 3 pointers made in franchise history.
2016-17 Hoops #88
Chris McCullough appeared in only 38 games for the Nets, and this is only his second season. He has spent the majority of his time in the D-League.
2015-16 Absolute Basketball Tools of the Trade Jumbo Patch
McCullough is the only player who I have a Brooklyn era patch fact I have two.

Both players were sent to the Washington Wizards, who are actually ranked #3 in the East this year, so in theory McCullough could make his playoffs debut this season. Bogdanovic appeared in six playoff games as a rookie in 2014-15, the last time the Nets hit the post season.

So who do the Nets say hello to? Coming from the Wizards is Andrew Nicholson, who has also previously played for the Magic.
Nicholson is in his 5th season and should play more for the Nets than he did the Wizards, who signed him as a free agent this past offseason, he only got in 28 games so far this year.
2015-16 Complete #209
The Nets made a second deal today, sending cash to Houston for K.J. McDaniels. In his third season, he has been stuck deep on the Rockets' bench and should also see more action for the Nets.
He showed some promising skills with the 76ers (who drafted him), enough to make the Rockets want to acquire him, but they didn't actually play him. He's appeared in only 29 games this season.
(128 in his career)
2014-15 Donruss The Rookies #30
If Thornton had gotten into any games, it would have been his second go around with the Nets. He played 29 games late in the 2013-14 season in the Brooklyn Black &White.

Panini did not bother to include either player in sets this season.

The Nets also got a first round draft pick from the Wizards, something sorely needed as the Nets had traded away all of our own. The pick is lottery protected, meaning that if the Wizards should plummet out of the playoffs they would retain it this season before conveying it in the future. This coming draft is said be a good one so hopefully this works out well for the Nets.

I don't know yet if Nicholson or McDaniels will be ready to play in the Nets' next outing, which is in Denver on Friday night.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Nets on Cards

I recently received a package from madding at Cards on Cards, who sent along a whole bunch of Nets, some Elton Brands and some off my wantlist. I'm posting the non-Nets on my main blog but here is the majority of the Nets I needed from the package- there are a few more that need to be scanned as a unit with similar style cards and they aren't here, but I will try to get them into a future post.

 My first Nets card of Moore

 My first base card of 2008-09 Skybox
 My first Nets card of Nachbar

 My first (two!) individual stickers from 2014-15 Panini

As you can see, most of them came from the time period of 2006-12 when I was not collecting the NBA, doing NASCAR only, but there are some before then and some after as well, including as new as 2016-17, the McCullough blue parallel above.

They are all great, and I am thrilled to add all of them to my collection!

Friday, December 23, 2016

New Nets from COMC Black Friday Sale

I've been working slowly on getting my new COMC Black Friday cards posted to my main blog, and now I'll take a look at some of the Nets picked up. Some of them I came across just randomly, while others I set out to find.
This large patch is probably the most visually impressive, with parts of two letters, although I have not been able to figure out if they come from "Brooklyn" or "McCullough". It is my second patch of him. This one comes from 2015-16 Absolute Basketball.

 I realized I didn't have any of the Nets cards from 1972-73 Topps, the rarest 70s set in my experience. They got 8 cards in the set and I picked up four of them. I still have to chase Billy Paultz, Bill Melchionni (who got two cards- regular and All-Star) and Rick Barry. While they also are included in the playoffs subset, that is a card for a specific game or series, and counted as such in my collection.  John Baum is a one hit wonder- it's the only card he ever got- and Tom Washington is new to my collection, although he did get three cards.
1991-92 Skybox Mini. This is a complete Nets Set, as they only got one card in the 50 card set. These are tiny; exactly 1/4th the size of a standard card. They were an exclusive in Canada and I only found out they existed a year or two ago. It's also the only one I have in my collection. It wouldn't be too hard to work on this set, there are only fifty of them and they aren't that expensive. However, actually finding the remaining 49 cards may prove challenging.
 While Harris is not my favorite Net, this picture is just incredible. And it's a Refractor, which is my all-time favorite parallel concept. I did a search for Nets Refractors and this one just jumped off the page and into my order. It's from 2008-09 Topps Chrome.
Bob Elliott is a One Hit Wonder. It's surprising how many people have only one card and it's an autograph. This one comes from 2011-12 Past & Present. The Elusive Ink insert is the main autograph insert and they included several people who have very few autographs, and Elliott is the only person who appears only in that insert on cardboard. I actually purchased this card back in September or October but didn't have it shipped until the Black Friday sale when I bought  ton of other cards (68, to me that's a lot!)

That's all of the Nets that came in this order.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Nets Sets: 1971-72 Topps

Here's the long-awaited debut of a concept I had when I officially kicked off this all-Nets blog. It's a look at completed Nets team sets, which, thanks to it's rhyming nature, I've decided to call "Nets Sets"

Today's set is, fittingly, the 1971-72 Topps set, which was the first ever to include ABA cards. Topps would split it's flagship (and only) set between the NBA and ABA from 1971-72 through 1975-76, which was the final year of the ABA. Almost nothing has been produced documenting the ABA pre-1971-72.

The Nets got 8 cards in that first set...
 #156 is Billy Paultz, technically the first Nets card in history by being the lowest numbered card of the Nets in this set.
 #170 is Rick Barry, one of the key cards in the 1971-72 Topps set. It is Barry's first card, and would be one of several from this set reprinted in 1996-97 for the NBA's 50th Anniversary.
 #182 is Ollie Taylor. This is the best look we get at this road uniform on a card.
 #191 is Jim Ard. It is the only card he ever got.
 #199 is Bill Melchionni, a card that has shown up here on Nothing But Nets several times already.
 #209 is Sonny Dove. I need to rescan this card. It is the second of two to show this red road jersey. Like Ard, it is the only card he ever got. He was killed at only 37 years old when the taxi he was driving skidded off a bridge in winter time. Back in those days athletes had to work multiple jobs.
 #217 is Manny Leaks. This is his only card as a member of the Nets, but he has 3 produced in total.
#226 is Joe DePre, who also needs to be rescanned. He is the third member of the 1971-72 Nets cards to be the only card ever issued for him. Note that he is wearing a Phoenix Suns jersey in the photo. They drafted him in the 2nd round in 1970 but he never played for them, his entire professional career was three seasons with the Nets.

And that's the conclusion of the first Nets Set. I can't go in chronological order because I don't have a single one of the Nets cards from 1972-73, although I do have a couple en route from COMC.

Thanks for reading!