Thursday, January 12, 2017

Nets on Cards

I recently received a package from madding at Cards on Cards, who sent along a whole bunch of Nets, some Elton Brands and some off my wantlist. I'm posting the non-Nets on my main blog but here is the majority of the Nets I needed from the package- there are a few more that need to be scanned as a unit with similar style cards and they aren't here, but I will try to get them into a future post.

 My first Nets card of Moore

 My first base card of 2008-09 Skybox
 My first Nets card of Nachbar

 My first (two!) individual stickers from 2014-15 Panini

As you can see, most of them came from the time period of 2006-12 when I was not collecting the NBA, doing NASCAR only, but there are some before then and some after as well, including as new as 2016-17, the McCullough blue parallel above.

They are all great, and I am thrilled to add all of them to my collection!


  1. I got to see a lot of Josh Boone when he was at Uconn. He always gave WVU fits.

    1. He lived in Poughkeepsie for a while, too, the next place over from me.

  2. Nice collection! Why do they have Dooling on a NETS card wearing an Orlando uniform? And Brook Lopez needs more hair :)

    1. He had just joined the team, this was an early season release so no new pictures yet