Sunday, May 21, 2017

Chris Childs Rookie card arrives in trade

Chris Childs broke into the NBA in 1994-95 with the Nets, after a successful CBA career. He played 53 games for the Nets in the 1994-95 season, but he got only one card that season- in Flair Series 2. The first Flair set is one I never had a lot of cards from and I just took in 39 new cards (new to me, anyway) in a trade at the start of May. One of those cards was the one and only Chris Childs rookie card.

He would also play the 1995-96 season with the Nets and would have been the starting point guard in the first Nets game I ever saw, unless it was one of the four games he missed that season. Since I don't remember which game was my first Nets game, I'll never know.

He then signed with the New York Knicks as free agent and also played with the Raptors.

I'm pretty sure the first autograph in my NBA collection was his card from 1996-97 Autographics so he's kind of an important player in said collection.

This is a card I've wanted for many years so it's nice to finally be able to add it to my collection. The cool thing is that it was sort of a blind trade- I didn't know what he was going to send me, so it was a total surprise.

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